Q. Why are the efficiency metrics changing (from SEER to SEER2 or HSPF to HSPF2)?

ANSWER: The newly revised test procedure is an entirely different way of calculating energy efficiency, thereby it has a different metric altogether. The new test procedure is more representative of system operation in typical home installations.

Q. What is the efficiency increase of the new standards?

ANSWER: It varies by equipment type and region, but generally, minimum efficiencies are increasing by about 7–10%, or 1 SEER in the traditional system. 

Q. How will the efficiency standards be enforced?

ANSWER: Just as it is today, the DOE relies on reporting of suspected violations by distributors, dealers and contractors. DOE investigates credible complaints and may assess penalties for violators. 

Q. Will I still be able to access ratings information for products made prior to January 1, 2023?

ANSWER: Yes. Even if a product is moved to “production stopped” or “discontinued” in the AHRI directory, ratings are still available for a period of time after the status change.

Q. Will the new regulations affect 3-Phase equipment <65k BTU/HR?

ANSWER: No. The new efficiency standards and metrics do not apply to 3-phase equipment less than <65k BTU/HR at this time.